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Downs Engineering has been restoring vintage racing cars and sports cars
for 35 years. From Formula 1 to E-type Jaguars, we have restored and
maintained these cars to a very high standard of presentation and
performance. Our one-on-one service insures customer satisfaction in the
restoration of their unique racing vehicles.
The Arrows Formula One car was restored for a client from a severely
damaged car to a car able to compete again in Vintage Formula One races.

The car was purchased by our client in England and shipped to us for
restoration. The car had received extensive damage in the English Aurora
series - the tub had lost most of its rivets, there was severe front end
damage and the side pods most of the bodywork was missing or damaged
beyond repair. The car had since been a display car.

The tub was re-fabricated using significantly stronger material to enhance
the strength and torsional rigidity.

We also had to make all new suspension arms and wings using the originals
as patterns.  We also made new bodywork and side pods as the originals
were not included in the sale.

The fully restored car brought the Warsteiner Formula One car back to life. In
testing the car performed beautifully -- the client was extremely pleased and
won his race the first time out.

We put a huge amount of effort into the restoration of all our projects, from
research to finished construction. It is our hope that we may serve your
restoration needs, and make your dream car come to life.
right front tub damage
stripped original tub
front end of new tub being
constructed on chassis table
new Downs Engineering tub
first test at Sears Point

         1964 Mercury Comet
        East African Safari Car
This is one of two surviving cars known to exist.
Originally built by Bill Stroppe for the 1964 factory

Lots of history, lots of trick parts, and lots of rust.
A big job, and one that will bring a great deal of
satisfaction to the owner and to D/E.
  Our Current Restoration Project