The Realm Runner Sports Racer is the perfect track car – low maintenance, reasonable cost, fast and fun!

The cars are designed to be the perfect car for a relaxing weekend at the track. Race weekend off-track maintenance is checking nuts and bolts, airing tires, refueling and relaxing with your family and friends while waiting for your next on-track session. The cars are extremely competitive, frequently winning championships for our customers.

DRSC Race Car now available with Turbo Hayabusa Motor

RR Body in White

Turbo Option Package

The Realm Runner is now available with the standard 1300 cc 180 hp engine or with the 1600 cc 375 hp turbo-charged engine.
Newly designed bodywork and new frame deliver lighter weight overall and more rear weight.

Realm Runner Specs


Front Engine
Rear-wheel Drive
Fiberglass body with light gel coat
Lower frame rails: 1.25 x 1.25 x .065 wall
Main Roll Cage: 1.5 x .095 wall round tube
Single seat – two seat option available


6-speed  transmission
Automotive drive shaft
Quick-change rear axle
Final drive ration 4.11.1


Suzuki Hayabusa 4-in-line Aluminum block and head
1298 cc displacement
Electronic Fuel Injection
185 bhp
Engine Options:
Dry Sump Oil System
Up to 1615 cc; up to 250 bhp
Turbo Charger optional


Disc Brakes with 4-piston caliper, front and rear
Front: 10.25 x .75 inch disc
Rear: 10.25 x .75 inch disc
Alloy Wheels: 9.5 x 13 inch front
10.5 x 13 inch rear
Turbo Car: 10 x 13 inch front, 12 x 13 rear
Race Tires


Racing Rack and Pinion, 12:1 ratio


Front and rear fully adjustable mounting points
Coil Springs
Coil over Shock Adsorbers
Adjustable anti-roll bar
Front: unequal length control arms
Rear: live axle located by 2 trailing links and 1 center link



Wheelbase: 80″
Track: f/r 58.0″ 55.0″
Length: 159″
Width: 69″
Height: 40″
Oil Capacity: 5.0 quarts
Fuel Capacity: 8.0 gallons
Dry Weight: 975 lbs
Weight Distribution: f/r 46% / 54%



5-point manual harness
5-lb halon remote fire system
8-gallon fuel cell
Dual master cylinder brake system with balance bar
Rolll-over bar structures built to a 2200=lg car spec
Driver’s side anti-intrusion bar