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Oil System Products
Hayabusa Dual Scavenge Dry Sump
Oil System. Complete system with
Oil pump, drive belt, billet front
cover with bearing, seal, and drive
mandril. 6061T6 aluminum fabricated
oil pan.
Longitudinal and transverse engine
mounting kits.   $
GSXR 1000 Dual Scavenge Dry
Sump Oil System Complete system
oil pump,drive belt, bearing
adaptor oil filter adaptor.
6061T6 aluminum fabricated oil pan.
Dry Sump Oil Tank with Dual Baffles
2 gallon capacity with mounting
brackets             $
Oil Coolers many sizes
from $ 200.00
Billett oil filters  two sizes
4" long         $
6" long         $
Wet Sump Oil Pans
6061T6 fabricated aluminum.
1-1/2" more shallow than stock pan
with more oil capacity.
  $ 395.00
Oil Sump Baffle/ Windage tray.
Controls oil surge in wet sumps
Takes oil off the crankshaft for
more power.
 $ 150.00
Custom Made Oil Pans
For any application
Call for pricing
Hayabusa Oil Pump Gear
A must for wet sump engines
Increases pressure and volume
$ 120.00
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Downs Engineering
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Sonoma CA 95476
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Our new oil system adaptor eliminates the
restrictive internal oil galleries of the Hayabusa
engine. The adaptor removes the drilled,
sharp-edged, and restrictive 90-degree
passages in the stock engine. The oil from the
pump is routed through our adaptor straight into
the main gallery to provide positive pressure to
the critical connecting rod bearings. It eliminates
the stock oil filter and is available with  -8 AN or,
our recommendation, -10 AN fittings. With this
system, you will run oil through the oil filter before
the oil cooler. This will insure any debris is
captured in the oil filter before it enters the oil
cooler and contaminates the engine oil.

For those who are using an oil accumulator you
can route the accumulator to the center feed of
our adaptor.

We also manufacture wet sump oil pans and a
windage tray/ baffle to keep oil around the oil
pump pick up during hard cornering.
New Suzuki Hayabusa wet sump direct oil adaptor
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