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Used low mileage Suzuki Hayabusa engine car kits
                                              Depending on year and
mileage                                                                                                           $ 3200.00 to $ 3800.00 -
Gen1 engines
Sold with Fuel Injection, Wiring Harness, Headers, Complete Ignition
Call for Gen2 engine pricing
Stage One 190HP engine. Includes Stage one Camshafts JE 12:1 pistons Wossner
Connecting rods D/E Valve job, HD rod and main bearings and a low profile
fabricated oil pan.

Call for pricing
Stage two to stage four and from 220HP to 400 Turbochrged HP
                                                              Call for pricing
Crate Engines made to order.
Let us know what you would like to fit your vehicle and we will build and ship it to
you in a wood crate to protect your engine from shipping damages.
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The fabulous Hayabusa engine is a very compact high-power engine that lends itself to
power many different types of vehicles: oval and road racing cars, land speed record cars,
dune buggies, sand rails, drag cars, bikes, and street machines.  

With the increased loading from heavier vehicles, some reliability problems of the engine
become apparent.  Most of the problems stem from a weak oil system and connecting rod

Direct Oil System and our specially designed oil pans tackle the weak oil system
problem.  And we now offer Wossner
connecting rods, the strongest connecting rods made
for the Hayabusa engine, to substantially reduce and eliminate the connecting rod failures.

We provide engines from reliable
legal sources.  We thoroughly inspect each engine,
perform leak-down tests, and inspect the condition of the rod bearings.  We verify that all
the electrical components are correct for that year model engine.
Suzuki Hayabusa Competition Engine Services