Our Vintage Restoration and Engine Building Shop Has Moved to Texas!

Lotus 23 at Marlboro
Lotus 23 at Marlboro, Mike Downs driving
Hayabusa engine on dyno
Haybusa engine with cooling headers

During the Covid pandemic, my wife and I moved our shops to New Braunfels, Texas to be near her family. While Kathy and I are enjoying our latest adventure, exploring the lovely Texas countryside and meeting new people, we are finding making the move to be quite a challenge. Much like starting a new business all over again.

Building engines has always been a part of my work since I first raced a Lotus 23. I did some engine work with Group 44 when I raced for them and built all of the Formula Ford engines I raced for Roy Woods Racing. The Lotus was the start to many race wins culminating with my own CSR Hayabusa. Engine rebuilds have been part of the many Vintage restoration projects I have completed over the years.

When a dynamometer became essential for both power and reliability, I bought a 600 horsepower unit. I built the rest of the dyno components needed to test the engines. After twenty years building scores of Hayabusa engines, and thousands of dyno pulls, I am expanding to do more rebuilds and maintenance on small bore vintage racing engines. I have experience building the Ford family of four cylinder engines, from the pre-Kent to BDA. Also BMC, Triumph, MG, and more. I have plans to build another building to house my dyno, and to give me more space in the main building.

I enjoy the many facets of Vintage Race car projects. My fifty years of motorsports experience in all my restoration, engine building and rebuilding gives me a unique perspective and allows me to give customers top quality at reasonable prices.

Got a restoration project or an engine that needs freshening up?

Call or email, the shop is located at 228 Trade Center Drive New Braunfels Tx 78130 830-312-7440. mdowns@downsengineering.com

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