About Downs Engineering
Downs Engineering is a business operating in California since 1978.  Downs Engineering founder,
Mike Downs, has been racing since 1968, winning SCCA Club events as a Group 44 Triumph driver, a
factory driver for Triumph, Datsun, Porsche and competing at the IMSA Daytona 24-hour race winning
his class, running Formula Atlantic, and TransAm. This racing experience carries over to his
selection and creation of quality parts to aid the customer in reaching his goal.

We have been developing the Hayabusa engine since 1999 and have designed and produced many
products for the engine that have proved to be successful in racing applications as well as for
street and off road vehicles.
making you go fast is what we do best!
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Downs Engineering
19564 Eighth St East
Sonoma CA 95476
phone: 707 938 1011
fax: 707 935 0481
email: mdowns@downsengineering.com

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1969 Group 44 National Champion
About The Artimus Box©
I have completed a new mystery novel.  The action is based on the world famous racecar and race engine builder, Harry
Artimus, in 1932.  Murder on the streets of L.A. starts the fast-paced mystery.

The Artimus Box, what was it?  Why would men be willing to kill for it for over seventy-five years?  

Why did the Nazi regime plot to make Harry do their bidding?

Ride along with Van Taylor, a modern day L.A.P.D. detective, as he unravels the mystery.

Read about the great adventures of the pioneers of American racing.  Imagine the jewel-like cars Harry built to win
Indianapolis year after year.  Meet the vintage car collectors and feel the lust for history and the greed for riches.  Find out if
Dutch is the devil himself.

The book is the first in a series of novels I have planned.  All will be mysteries involving American auto racing in the 1920's
and 30's.

This is my first novel, and I am determined to get the book published.  This process is most difficult for a first time author and
I am seeking people in the publishing business, or a mystery genre agent, who would be willing to help me have the book

I would be most appreciative to anyone who may know a publishing agent, or someone in the publishing business,  who could
give me a personal referral.

Update on The Artimus Box

We will introduce The Artimus Box on Kindle on Thanksgiving 2011.

I am forty thousand words into the second novel. The working title of this novel is Fast Jack. There will be three more novels
(five in all), all with auto racing in the 1930’s as the main theme. As my wife has suggested to me,the last novel in this series
will be titled Bobo Goes To London. This will be a spy novel about a wealthy Count raised in England. He will build his own
record setting cars and for a lark (or is it a spy mission, and for whom?) take his friends for a jaunt through the Sahara
desert. The Nazi’s will be watching him.

It is my hope that once in print you may enjoy reading, and perhaps learning a bit, about the early pioneers in auto racing.

Mike Downs

The first chapter of The Artimus Box, as well as some short stories, are online at
www.mikedownsmysteries.com.  Please
checheck them out and let me know what you think.
Check out the brilliant restoration of my Group 44 1969 Triumph GT6+
Daytona championship car by Tim Suddard and his crew at Classic
Motorsports Magazine.

Tim spend quite some time and effort to restore this car to the same condition as it was when I
drove it to the 1969 National championship. He brought the car to the Monterey Historics to
display the car and race it.

Congratulations to Tim and his crew for a job well done.

More information and related subjects can be seen at the Classic Motorsports Magazine

Tim’s sister magazine is Grassroots Racing. A great magazine for the grassroots racer.